Majed Bukhari

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“For most of my life, I never knew what I wanted. I would always get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but I never knew how to answer that question. Despite this sense of purposelessness, I would still excel academically with minimal effort; I was always able to breeze through subjects and have had multiple opportunities presented to me. Although I never struggled intellectually, I still felt like I was a wanderer in my own life; I felt like I was sitting in the passenger’s seat rather than being in control of the wheel.

In an attempt to find my passion, I found out I have a childish curiosity and a never-ending hunger for knowledge. The problem was that the research I was exposed to was skewed or biased, and I would be left frustrated without answers. Then it dawned on me: rather than relying on other sources for answers, I can create them myself; that day, I realized I wanted to become a scientist.”

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