Kyle Keane

18+ years
HCDI Founder

Personal Information

Dr. Keane has been working in the field of accessibility and disability advocacy since 2002. He has been mentoring students to produce technical innovations for assistive technologies since joining MIT as a Lecturer and Research Scientist in 2015. 2018 is his second year co-teaching the subject 6.811 Principles and Practices of Assistive Technology. He has also just started the course 3.008 Humanistic Co-design of Assistive Technology in the Developing World which will get students credit for designing innovations that can serve global economies. Before joining MIT he worked as a professional software developer on projects relating to accessibility, including making it possible for Apple’s Siri to speak results of symbolic mathematical computations. He is the staff advisor for MIT’s assistive technology hackathon. He has extensive experience mentoring students in highly-adventurous research projects that refine big ideas into tangible proof-of-concepts to functional prototype.

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