[About CoCreate]
Welcome to the Humanistic Co-Design Initiative in Saudi Arabia!

CoCreate is a cooperative of individuals, organizations and institutions working together to increase awareness about how designers, makers, and engineers can apply their skills in collaboration with people who have disabilities through the Humanistic Co-design Process to develop new and innovative assistive technologies.

CoCreate Goals
What are our Goals?


Raise awareness about disability, accessibility, and assistive technology


Empowering innovators to apply engineering skills and value lived experience


Engaging the community to proactively improve assistive technology
[CoCreate Actors]
Who We Are?

CoCreate is made of several key actors that make the process of humanistically designing and developing assistive technology possible

Experience Experts
Experience Experts are persons with disabilities that share their experience to prompt ideation from Fellows and Interns and provide feedback.
Fellows are local innovators from varied backgrounds that commit to CoCreate’s year-long program. Fellows work with PwD and apply the Humanistic Co-Design Process to ideate and deliver an assistive technology.
Interns are students or early career professionals that join CoCreate for a shorter period of time (typically 2-3 months). Interns are matched to a team to contribute their expertise and gain supervised practical experience.
Affiliates are students or professionals that adopt the Humanistic Co-Design Process in projects that are carried out at local educational/research institutes. Affiliates gain access to the CoCreate’s network to advance their assistive technology projects.
Mentors assist teams by offering their expertise, time, and support. Mentors are hand-picked leaders and may include those with specialization in technology, finance, business strategy, venture capital, marketing, or other thought leaders.
CoCreate’s admin staff manage the day-to-day activities of the program and provide support to the teams as they advance from milestone to another.
Our CoCreators
Who's Joining?