Spectrum of autism is one of the most serious disorders that affect children from birth. It is a developmental condition that affects the normal development of the brain, for that reason, children with autism have difficulties regarding language and communicating with others. The learning process may even be more challenging when it comes to reading text and understanding the context and meanings. Expressing emotions and perceiving them is the main challenge in their daily life.

Reading is a complex skill, it needs a number of skills ranging from recognising each word through understanding the meaning of the text, however, there is evidence that some children with autism can read accurately,  but reading a storybook would not be as enjoyable as it should be without getting engaged in the story and its context and characters' interactions. Therefore, there is broad agreement that children with autism have impaired reading comprehension, and most children find it difficult to relate emotions to the written verbal text.

"Yuhka" is an application to display stories in reality in an interesting and attractive way for children with autism spectrum disorder by using augmented reality technology, which is linking reality with digital content, and so it converts text and images into virtual animations so that it helps children learn more about the emotion and facial expressions in the story. Also, Yuhka provides a storytelling feature by using children's sounds to attract children's attention.

Saif & Aljazi
May 25, 2020
Specific Learning Difficulties
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