hildren with down syndrome experience cramping during handwriting because of hypotonia and loose joints and ligaments. The project aims to create an attachable wide grip that can help with alleviating the cramping by reducing the required pressure to control the pen grip. This will help children acquire the skill of handwriting more smoothly.

Our co-designer is Uom Faisal. She’s the type of person that catalyzes change. It’s truly beautiful to see how all of the doubts she received regarding her son’s abilities never discouraged her and never led her to resent society for excluding her and her son. Instead, she looked at it from the angle that society was just uneducated about her son’s capabilities. Therefore, she made it her lifelong project to take whatever chance she gets to share her son’s talents, skills and everyday life in order to:

  • Educate society about Down syndrome
  • To inspire other parents of children with Down syndrome and educate them about their child’s capabilities.
  • She always makes sure that those parents never settle for a “good for a child with down syndrome” type of skills, because this mentality prevents them from meeting their true potential.


Faisal and Uom Faisal
January 25, 2020
Specific Learning Difficulties
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