• ach of us has fallen down a significant amount of times since our birth. While some falls are harmless, many can be fatal. A factor that affects the degree of damage caused by a fall is the physical state of the person itself. From infants to the elderly, and in case of multiple disabilities a fall could be the thin line between life and death. Our project caters to this crowd, in terms of developing a product that will work in the following phases-
    - Prediction or detection of a fall
    - Prevention and/or Response of the fall

According to the World Health Organization, “Every year, 37.3 Million cases of falls worldwide result in serious injuries that need medical treatment.” These falls occur in senior citizens over the age of 65, and children at the age of 15 or younger. Furthermore, people with disabilities (physical and mental) also come in the category. In all the years that have passed, the US alone has accounted for multiple patients falls in the hospitals itself, and the most commonplace of this occurrence are the hospital beds. Although numerous products already exist in the fall detection market, these falls are still a prevalent cause of death in the elderly alone. Our goal is to develop an affordable and effective solution for the same and help as many people at risk as possible.

Tamadhur and her kids
May 25, 2020
Serene Night
Physical Disabities
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