n our project, we conducted a study on Sumaya who has a visual impairment and no longer can identify colors. Somaya loves shopping, but she faces an obstacle in doing so. She uses an app that identifies colors verbally, but a lot of times it perceives inaccurate results. Our present project aims to investigate a technology in which we can fulfil all potential needs for the application to be successful. So, we worked on creating a universal design of our app where all the aspects are considered, from the interface design to the features that would make the app valid for more than one category of people.

Our main Co-Designer is Sumaya. Sumaya values independence and loves shopping. She also identifies with a visual impairment and aspires to be fully independent to the point where she doesn’t need an assistant. Other than Sumaya we also got the opportunity to review the application’s features with a few other active members from the community.

January 2020
Prism Vision
Visual Impairment
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Arwa Karim


Dana Turki


Jood Hashem

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"Co-Design of Color Identification Applications Using Scenario-based Personas for People with Impaired Color Vision" was published at HCI International 2020
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