wheelchair is a very important part of the disabled life, its main component that provides the energy for the chair’s movement is the battery. Nowadays batteries have numerous issues such as high cost, weak performance, and low efficiency. Meshal (our Co-Designer) dreams to find an efficient, cost-effective, safe, and a battery with minimum size and can hold up for a whole day just charging it once. Moreover, Meshal suffered from a short lifetime battery with long hours of charging, and also finishes fast so he should charge it again within 3 months, the battery’s chemical component stops working which compels him to buy another one. For that, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4) had attracted wide attention since its discovery, it had significant properties that gathered most of Meshal's intentions. In the first time, LiFePO4 is used in a wheelchair, in addition of adding a beside sensor which detects the energy consumption rate and programming it to alter the consumer before the battery stops several times, along with a small screen that has all the information about battery: time and distances remaining to work before its needed to be charged. Also, adding a button that has " low, medium, and high" to control the movement throughout different types of terrain Moreover, our project is designed to be charged just for 3 hours keeping it efficient all the day, which will solve Meshal's main problem. In addition, the battery can last for more than 6 months rather than Meshal's old battery that lasts only 2-3 months. Finally, with a bad battery moving will be on some occasions impossible. Good battery means a comfortable life.

May 25, 2020
Mobility Aids
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