eople with disabilities suffer on a daily basis when visiting new destinations because they do not have sufficient information concerning its accessibility. Oftentimes, they rely on word of mouth to make sure a specific destination is suitable. Unfortunately, word of mouth alone is quite limiting especially if they don’t know anyone who went to this destination, therefore confining them to places they are familiar with.

According to the General Authority for Statistics in their disability survey in 2017, the percentage of people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia is 7.1% which is 1,445,723 people of the total population, 4.1% of them which is around 59,275 are people who suffer from mobility difficulty (walking or climbing stairs), and 4.0% which is around 57,829 are people who suffer from visual difficulties. People who suffer from mobility difficulties and visual difficulties constitute the largest percentage of the total population who suffer from disabilities, so Mola’em team chose them as the target users in this project. Although Mola'em serves primarily people who suffer from mobility difficulties and visual difficulties, it did not overlook the people with hearing difficulties, as it helps them to identify whether the place supports sign language or not.

Since people with disabilities make a significant part of society, it is time to empower them and make them more independent by bringing awareness to the accessibility of different places (malls, hospitals, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, etc.). Mola’em is a crowdsourcing application that aims to bring awareness to the accessibility level of specific destinations by aggregating, cleaning, and presenting hybrid (image and text) accessibility information and thus making a difference in the community. Finally, with Mola’em we hope to contribute to one of the objectives of Vision 2030, improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

September 2020
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