motions are the biological states that are created by our nervous system. They reflect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Understanding and being able to express them are the keys to valuable human communication. Emotions can be expressed verbally or by using nonverbal communication, including the use of body language and facial expressions. Emotions can be easily recognized and expressed by normal people. However, people with complex communication needs tend to face difficulties identifying and expressing their emotions to others. These difficulties may develop due to many permanent or temporary causes, such as alexithymia, stroke, developmental disability, and intellectual disability. They usually require assistance from their family members, or some AAC tools in order to communicate and engage with their peers. Emotional expression limitations and barriers can result in tremendous social, emotional and economical burden for PwDs and their families and societies. This project aims to facilitate and support people with complex communication needs to express their feelings in an understandable way, so they can better engage with their communities. 


Tamadur and her kids
May 2020
Specific Learning Difficulties
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