Our project aims to provide assistive technology for autistic children to help them meet some of the basic daily needs. The technology idea boils down to producing a wearable watch through which the child can communicate with the primary care provider to meet his needs smoothly and quickly.



Survey can be found here.

We are a group of Saudi youth working on developing an assistive technology for children with autism spectrum. This questionnaire aims mainly to know the basic needs desirable to train autistic children on their request from the primary care provider for children when he needs it.

نحن مجموعة من الشباب السعوديين نعمل على  تطوير تقنية مساعدة للأطفال المصابين بطيف التوحد .يهدف هذا الاستبيان بشكل رئيسي إلى معرفة الاحتياجات الأساسية المرغوب تدريب الطفل التوحدي على طلبها من مقدم الرعاية الأولية للأطفال عند حاجته إليها